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Cobblestone driveway

Cobblestone driveways and landscaping in Cardiff for both residential and commercial properties.

Block paving driveway

Block paving specialists working with concrete block pavers (CBP) and kiln-fired clay brick.

Gravel driveway

Offering all forms of gravel driveways from pea gravel through to marble chips.

Tarmac driveway and resurfacing

Installing tarmac driveways for both residential purposes and heavy-duty commercial needs.

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A driveway is the main load bearer of vehicles and the first element of a house or office building that visitors or passers-by notice, and so it is a focal point of any residential or commercial property’s façade. Therefore, it is imperative to pay attention to its kerb appeal, design, aesthetics, and function so you or any visitors are not forced to drive over potholes or pitted areas.

Whether you are planning to construct or repair a driveway, the utmost care should be exercised to choose a reputable and competent contractor as once in place, your driveway will stay with you for years to come when maintained properly, and also add value to your property. 

We know that most homeowners are unaware of the strict specifications, materials and reinforcements required for building new affordable driveways Cardiff, and they may not possess the necessary technical expertise in this regard.

Cardiff Driveways and Landscaping

If you are looking for affordable driveways in Cardiff, here at Driveways Cardiff, we have been working since 2000, specialising in all kinds of ground works, driveway services and cleaning services (gutters and driveways). 

Having an extensive experience and years of offering professional driveway services, we have prepared a list of tips and frequently asked questions to ensure that your driveway turns out exactly how you want it!

A Pleasing Driveway!
When you are planning to have a new driveway constructed or an old one repaired, one of the first things to consider is what kind of material you need for a high-quality, durable and aesthetically-pleasing kerb. It is common to see homeowners in Cardiff going for a lush driveway with a certain type of look and feel, only to realise the drawbacks days, months, even years later!

Multi coloured Pavers in Cardiff

Which Driveway Surface Is The Best?

There are a lot of materials available nowadays from which affordable driveways Cardiff can be made designed and built. Every surface has its own pros and cons, like sturdiness, durability, the level of maintenance required as well as the driveway’s overall appearance.

Tarmac Driveways Cardiff
Tarmac driveways are one of the most common types of car porch areas you will see around in Cardiff. Tarmac is a highly functional building material which offers a host of benefits such as aesthetic appeal due to its smooth and clean look and the stability and traction it provides while you are walking or driving on it. Although tarmac can sometimes have a lifespan of up to 20 years, it is still a high-maintenance choice and usually needs resurfacing or repairs every 3 to 5 years which is a cost to keep in mind. Also, the level of expertise required for installation means that it will not be a DIY project.

Sett and Cobblestone Driveways Cardiff

One of the most beautiful types of surface options available for driveways Cardiff is stone which is particularly attractive as it blends in with stone walkways, gardens, and other landscaping elements. The stones used for building driveways are usually large and irregular-shaped, as they are formed by water eroding them over several years. It gives an elegant look and feel to any home, and is extremely durable with a lifespan of more than 50 years when maintained. Although extremely robust and long-lasting, stones do not provide the same level of traction as tarmac driveways as they are smooth and can become slippery in wet conditions. They also require low maintenance, and only a few stones need to be replaced occasionally if they get damaged.

Natural Stone Driveways Cardiff

Natural stones represent a similar option to cobblestone, but with more choices of stones like marble, slate, travertine, sandstone and limestone. With similar properties, an advantage of natural stone is that you get a tonne of unique patterns, textures and colours available so you can personalise your space.

Block-paved Driveways Cardiff

Block-paved driveways are a common sight in the UK. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, they offer additional durability as compared to stone driveways. A paver usually lays bricks on a bed of sand and interlocks them. This creates a smooth and level surface and is a great option if you want your driveway to match your house’s exterior without spending too much. Pavers Cardiff is also a great choice for Cardiff driveways and landscaping projects.

Paving Slabs

These are slabs made from either concrete or natural stone. Paving slabs with pavers Cardiff offer moderate strength and service life depending on the thickness of the slabs used and their quality. Available in several different colours and finishes, paving slabs offer great traction for vehicles and pedestrians even in wet conditions. They are also very much suitable for any Cardiff driveways and landscaping projects that you might have in mind.

Gravel Driveways Cardiff

Being one of the oldest types of driveway options, gravel is traditionally used in rural areas and it is highly susceptible to weather. Gravel driveways Cardiff can be installed fairly quickly and used immediately, but they require periodic maintenance as the gravel compacts upon continuous use. This means that you will need to add more gravel to them from time to time. One major advantage of gravel as a building material for driveways is their ability to have good drainage capabilities.

Quotation Process

When completing our quotation process, we follow an effective and simple strategy stated below:

  1. Learn every detail about the job on our initial phone call
  2. Schedule a meeting at your location which suits your diary
  3. Inspect and create an assessment for the job ahead and provide a timeline for work
  4. We will provide you with a detailed quotation, broken down and easy to digest
Grey block paving driveways in Cardiff

Our Headquarters

The corporate headquarters are located in capital city of Cardiff, and our driveway, paving and landscaping services are available across the all of South Glamorgan. Our corporate focus is to offer a dedicated and caring customer service to ensure every customer has made the right choice in choosing a driveway company that can be relied on and trusted, and you can typically find us online if you search Cardiff driveways and landscaping.

Areas of Operation

Cardiff Driveways provides affordable driveways in Cardiff and across the wider area of south Wales and South Glamorgan region. A range of our services come from our experienced staff at our partner company garden Landscaper. There are a number of companies providing paving in Cardiff, but few that match our standards of service and quality. Our experience enables us to notice defects and even structural issues that could worsen, which other driveway companies may miss. We are always happy to answer any of your questions, simply fill out our enquiry form or for quicker answers, please phone us. Below, you will find our areas of operation. Our operational areas are flexible and we will always provide a service in any location around South Wales depending on the workload and equipment required.

Cardiff Includes; Adamsdown, Atlantic Wharf, Newtown, Saltmead, Riverside, Leckwith, East Moors, Roath, Cathays, Maindy, Llandaff, Fairwater, Penarth Marina, Tremorfa, Roath Park, Mynachdy, Birchgrove, Whitchurch, Rhydypenau, Rumney, Cyncoed, Llanishen, Rhiwbina, and many more.

South Glamorgan including; St Fagans, Barry, Peterston-Super-Ely, Bonvilston, Radyr, Lisvane, Pontprennau, St Mellons, Peterstone Wentlooge, Tongwynlais, Wenvoe, Lavernock, Sully, Cowbridge, St Athan, Llancarfan, Rhoose, Gibbons Down and many more.

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Cardiff Driveways During Covid-19

Current restrictions due to Covid-19 including social distancing, has caused many businesses to either close, or change the way they operate.

Thankfully, the construction industry like driveways in Cardiff has been deemed essential business, allowing us to continue providing top of the range Cardiff driveways and landscaping services to all our clients.

We are abiding by national requirements and laws with social distancing and sanitation, and will endeavour to keep on working at full capacity for all your needs involving driveways, resurfacing, and landscaping in Cardiff.

Cardiff Driveways and Landscaping

A common problem associated with paved tarmac and concrete driveways is that they are prone to cracking. There are several reasons that can cause them to crack over time, including:

• Moisture: Water seeps down and erodes away the soil base of your porch, causing the top layer to sink and cause cracks;
• Ground Movements: The ground shifts naturally, causing surface cracks to form;
• Heat and Sun: Asphalt driveways are the most affected by heat as it dries out the asphalt, causing it to lose its flexibility and become brittle, and walking or driving over it will cause it to crack.
• Excessive Loading: When the driveway is put through strenuous loading conditions more than that it has been designed for, it will start to experience cracking.

Other reasons include poor installation, soil erosion, tree roots and sinkhole formation beneath the site.

At Driveways Cardiff, we recommend that you seal your driveway every 1-3 years, depending on the weather conditions and appearance. If your driveway is losing colour or you see small cracks forming, you should get it sealed as soon as possible. This ensures that your driveway lasts longer and does not deteriorate as quickly.

The cheapest driveway to install is gravel, then tarmac, cement, and the most expensive of all are stone driveways. But the cost of maintenance is in the reverse order.

This purely depends on the type of surface you are planning to install. For gravel, costs can range between 20-30 quid per square meter and goes up 70-90 quid per square meter for a cobblestone driveway.

Budget is the foremost deciding factor in choosing a driveway, but you should consider other aspects as well like what will it cost to maintain over its lifetime, how you will be using it, and the value it will add to your property. If you have a home in Cardiff, Barry, Penarth, Dinas Powys or Newport and want a new driveway, patio or paving that will look just awesome, then call us now on 07802- 549390 for your free, no obligation quote.